Has anyone travelled to China on a Taibaozheng (Taiwan Citizen travel pass for China)? I am a little unclear on it. How long does the Tai-Bao-Zhen last? If I get the Tai-Bao-Zhen, do I still have to get a visa? I have a Taiwanese passport and a Canadian passport. Which one would be best to travel to China with? Im so confused…

Use your Canadian passport, you will have more political protection than with your Tai-bao-zhen, that is, if anything should happen while you there.

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If I go to work in China, I need to get my employer to sponsor me for a work permit, as I’m not Taiwanese. My son, however, is Taiwanese.

  1. Can I take him in on a Taibaozheng? (his UK passport has expired, and it’s just going to be a lot cheaper, and I think less hassle)

  2. Would his Taibaozheng be valid for a whole year (like my foreigner work permit would be)?

  3. The British authorities would have to look after him if there were a war, since they would have to look after his dad? Or not?

  4. If this is not possible/advisable, and he gets a PRC visa for UK citizens instead of a TBZ, the employer has said that his birth certificate (he was born here) must be notarized by a “Chinese embassy”. I’ve replied to tell them we don’t have a Chinese embassy in Taipei, lol, already, but maybe a Forumosan has some idea what to do here?