Taichung air pollution. The residents poll



so you’ve basically been waiting for the first bad day to say that “it’s the reality”, completely ignore the fact that the past week has been fine.


Looks like it’s not going to be fine for awhile…


What would you do if it’s fine tomorrow?


Be happy


Don’t worry , Gain said you can count on the fingers of one hand , how many bad days there are.


I said you could do that for bad days in November so actually yes, I am correct. Today is the last day of November.


How is December going to be @Gain? My parents are looking to come visit from Canada, but I thought I’d ask you first to see if December is going to have clean air.


I’m not interested in meaningless banter. The reality is it’s been fine this whole month apart from a few days (including today), and you are all disregarding the past week which has been almost completely green.


@Gain… come on now… we both know this isn’t true.

The entire month has been horrible with the exception of a few days. It’s exactly the opposite of what you’re saying.


You are just biased.

It’s mostly ok. It’s only really bad in the week of 6th to 10th.

Btw before you say anything about today, it will change colour by the end of the day.


That’s November?


I only hate because I want you to be right…


Yes. It only shows data of the past month.

I mean change to orange. Today’s really bad.


The winds have been a mess today above Taichung harbor
East winds in the morning so… bad air all above Taichung city
Started to whirl around (is it the right term?) end of afternoon
And right now a bit of a conflict between South and East winds
So should stay the same tonight
until the North winds take over again

One thing is clear so far…
There is no or at least little pollution coming from China this year
Who can confirm?


“today the air is ok, so it’s not true that air pollution is getting worse” sounds a lot like:“today is cold, so climate warming/change isn’t true”…my almonds are moderately activated by this.


Bless you @Gain. You have been kind to us Taichung residents so far today. Why were you punishing us this morning, did we not do as you asked? Please try and let us have this moderate air quality for the rest of the day. :pray:

We will prepare the offerings as you asked for. :pray:


It’s strange and part of the point , that it shows a moderate Aqi, when you can see the smog around Taichung .


Which area are you in?


I always get different readings depending on which source I check…


Taiwan Boulevard …looking out towards mountains today . Maybe I have cataracts forming ?