Taichung air pollution. The residents poll



Moderate means cancer causing. Bad is oh fuck!

BTW the air isn’t good in Taipei either at the moment, hazy. Gorgeous day though.


Good! I feel like they need to get BTFO constantly for the culture to change its view on the air situation.


Yeah maybe.


I’ve been in a bitchy mood all day because of this air. It only gotten worse since this morning.


Escape to the mountains. That’s what I did today.

Now I’m in the hospital because my friend almost killed herself when she fell.


I work outside on the weekends :disappointed_relieved:

Is your friend okay? What happened?


Weren’t you unemployed or something?

Ok, probably “or something”.


I’m working with a concrete company. Pay is absolutely shit. I would probably make more working at 7/11 or McDonald’s tbqh.


I don’t understand. Do you people wear masks all the time? Or should people wear masks all the time?
I seldom wear them expect for the occasional visit to the hospital (if visiting a sick person) or going, and that’s surgical masks only.
Serious questions, if we are under such pollution, I wonder what would be the best wear ratio to really make a difference in what we breathe in.


some (most) Taiwanese I talk to think they are 100% protecting their lungs from the pollution by wearing a surgical mask, which simply is NOT true. I was just advocating for the government or some other party to step in and educate the populace. You need to wear a mask that is capable of filtering out fine particles. PM2.5 particles are a fraction width of a single strand of human hair. They enter your blood stream and can damage not just yours lungs, but also your vascular system and organs. The mask also has to fit snugly on your face not be half hanging off with wide gaps on the sides. (Buy at least some type of N95)

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I’m working in concrete right now and I’m constantly telling the Taiwanese dudes I work with that they need to shave before work and to always wear their respirator masks (not just surgical ones) when blasting/cutting concrete. They all don’t take me seriously and think I’m some huge safety pussy who is bullshiting them. They are going to get some seriously fucked up health issues in the future. Whaaaaatteveeerrreerrr tho


I understand. But with all this pollution what should we do? Go out to work and put masks on, remove masks in office, leave office and put masks on, remove masks for dinner, put them back on to head home and then be free. In a concrete labor environment definetly you should have it on all he time. But I can’t imagine people walking the streets with such masks on. And if you don’t wear them outside like that is it really beneficial for your health it if you wear like twice a year when you are alone?


Ideally your work/home environments should have air filters. If your out and about and the AQI is in the orange (or worse) you should probably be wearing a mask, no matter how nerdy or autistic it may make you look.


I am pretty sure schools don’t have air purifiers. And considering kids here spend 15hours a day out of home studying, I just imagine the effect of this on them.


A lot of other places this is the norm. Idk why Taiwanese feel above this.

I do see some people wearing proper masks when the air is extra shitty, but it’s a rare occasion.


I feel sad for my kid. Pretty sure no way to wear a mask in class here


among one of the 9-10 that are stocks listed in Taiwan?


Not directly… No :sunglasses:


Looking good this morning :sunglasses:


…and Breathe.


“Unhealthy for sensitive groups”…well, just don’t be a sensitive group. Easy.