Taichung alishan & sun moon lake

i shall be spending 3 days in taichung and would like to visit alishan, sun moon lake and maybe a city tour of taichung. can anyone propose a suitable transport system, reasonably priced, where this is possible? i have a group of five.

Five people, rent a car
I’m sure you can take a bus to save some money, but with five people I don’t see how you could save very much and lets face it, it is so nice to have the freedom of coming and going as you feel like.
My :2cents:

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Sun Moon Lake is incredible, be sure to stop at the giant temple that’s on the edge. There really isn’t a whole lot to see in Taichung per say so I would suggest going to Lukang and Chunghua to see the giant Buddha. Unless of course you’ve already done those. They are much more interesting then TaiChung. Taichung is my home base when I visit to Taiwan and I’ll be there in two weeks and I’m still trying to decide what I want to do.