Taichung Blue Line Approved by Central Govt



I know this is a good thing. But the timing…
Makes me feel like they did it for the election.


Should have been approved ten years ago…But definitely good news, the city needs it !


But they had that lovely BRT that everyone loved so much. Hahaha


Jason HU…

I believe they applied for this ten or fifteen years ago but the central govt wouldn’t approve the funds.

The rapid bus lane isn’t bad, the stations are already looking pretty grotty though.


Oh no ! Construction noise on my road for 2 years :tired_face:


If lucky…


Just hope they don’t get all “chabuduo” about undermining your foundations


ummm i’m about to move to taiwan dadao for two years. does it mean i’m going to live on a construction site?


When you coming? Seems construction is slated to begin in 2020.


dec 1st


If they’re saying 2020 now, they probably mean 2021 at the earliest. The whole thing will take ten years so odds are they won’t be ripping up the street in front of your home so quickly.


Taichung scheduled to open at the end of October and the MRT Green Line, whose formal operations are expected to start in 2020, the report said.

Seriously WTF. WHY do they keep pushing the date back! It honestly looks like it’s ready to go right now. What the deal with this? It’s like a bad acid trip or a running joke and it’s never going to actually be completed.


I got something in the mail about some kind of pink line that’s gonna go straight through my neighborhood, parallel to/above the green line.

I didn’t read it all the way through but ugh. Annoying. I get around just fine via the bus stop that’s about 40 seconds’ walk from my place…


In 10 years you’ll be happy you put up with 5 years of construction noise.


Buying properties for construction.

Buying properties to profit after construction.

If in any of the previous cases anyone complaints/refuses, send the boys to deal with them.

Drawing all the contracts with the right people.

Making sure everyone gets a share of the pie.

Maybe taking some time for soil evaluation, you know, like propensity to liquefaction.

There will be no time to get the city´s blueprints for sewer and underground utility lines, creating the rolling effect of having delays and having to spend more money rebuilding them after they tear them apart “accidentally”. Repeat ad nauseum.


If they are going to keep pushing it back id rather they open it as an elevated express highway to take the pressure off Wenxin Rd.


Oh good. If the speed of construction on the Green Line is any indicator of how long the Blue Line will take, we can expect it to be finished in the year 2095.

But seriously, the area around Taiwan Boulevard and the highway (down to the Mitsukoshi Dept. Store) is the WORST traffic I’ve ever experienced. In the evenings, it can take 40 minutes to go 2 blocks. I can’t even imagine how bad it will be if they are doing construction there. YIKES.


At that time of day only a scooter or the (former) BRT will get you anywhere fast


It’s just funny because when I saw this news, my initial thought was that it will be so nice for my son to go to his drum lessons. We live in South District, Taichung and his lessons are close to the Mitsokoshi store. Takes a while to get there.

But then I realized that he will probably be 50 years old when this is actually completed.


Why did they “build” the green line before the blue line? Taiwan Boulevard gets absolutely BTFO with traffic all day long. It seems like building the blue line first would have made much more sense. This new “outlet mall” is about to open up and I don’t want to think about how bad it’s going to get.

durrrr, let’s build a greeeeeennn linee. Green is a perrdddddy color