Taichung Blue Line Approved by Central Govt


That freeway one entrance onto Taiwan boulevard is a nightmare, it got really bad after they opened the new Dept stores but it was bad already.

Roughly what happened was they got knocked back by the central govt for the budget to do a light rail on Taiwan harbour road originally. Then Jason Hu made a big deal of his stinking bus rapid line cos he wanted the votes.
Then the new green mayor came and immediately cancelled the brt officially although it still runs.

I remember my wife asked a few locals she knows about why there wasnt a subway back then . Most of the locals were convinced Taichung didn’t need a subway, cars and scooters were okay.
That’s the way those dumb asses think.

Not sure why the green line got the money first and not the blue, possibly it was a cheaper project ? I suspect it was really a decision locally where they prioritised the green because they could say the blue line was covered by the BRT.

Now even changhua is getting a line .


Is this for real?
I bet it get completed before the green line.


Yes there is a line approved to connect Taichung main station to Changhua. I think it is an extension of the blue line, also will go to Nantou.


Sounds about right.


This was okayish when they were a much smaller less busy city.
but I still think it was very backwards thinking…What about kids, old people, and the environment …Kind of dumb.


Gotta love that forward thinking and planning for the future…



Actually both green and blue lines will be extended .
Green will extend into north changhua.
Blue will extend into changhua and nantou.



Although an MRT line down TW Blvd is obviously preferable, the BRT is actually really nice. I really don’t understand the hate for it. They needed something on that road other than just run-of-the-mill buses.


I’m wondering how they are going to manage getting this Blue Line all the way to the train station. Taiwan Blvd turns into a pretty narrow little 4-lane road once you pass Wuquan Road going towards the station.


Parts of it will be underground and overground I imagine.


Perhaps we can call it the Womble Line?