Taichung Happy Hour Oct. 14th

Uzo Bar and Grill at 6:00pm until 10:00pm

We have the following specials for Forumosans:

Corona Regularly NT$115 Special NT$80
Heineken Regularly NT$110 Special NT$80
Carlsber Regularly NT$110 Special NT$80
Stella Draught Regularly NT$190 Special NT$150

Following Cocktails: Regularly NT$170; Special NT$ 140
Bacardi & Coke
JD & Coke
Jim Beam & Coke
Vodka & Coke
Southern Comfort & Coke
Jager & Coke

Jager Shots Regularly NT$100 Special NT$80

House Red/White Wine Regularly NT$160 Special NT$130

Info on the venue here.

Uzo is a cool bar / restaurant with a pleasant outdoor seating area and great Meditereanean food.

Those interested in attending are requested to leave a post here or send me a PM so I can organize the tables etc.

Look forward to seeing you there! I think there is an upswing in the numbers of Forumosans now located in Taichung so it would be a great opportunity to put some faces to names.

I’ll try to make it from Changhua

Unfortunately I’ll be in Tainan.


I’ll be in Taipei :confused:

I’ll be there!

WTF, this thing hasn’t really been promoted much and seems to have little momentum, if it’s just redwagon, stag and me we might as well just have the HH at redwagon’s mountain villa and save the drive to downtown, no?..

I’m down for that… :smiley:

Llary and smellybumlove are also on board I believe. It’s not too late to cancel the whole thing.

Oh no need to cancel, didn’t mean to be a buzz kill, I just though that based on the responses to this thread there was only 3 people planning on going and… ah hell, there’s no way around it, I was just angling at another chance to sample the legendary Redwagon parfait, foiled again… See you at Uzo tomorrow night… BTW Redwagon I think I heard Cpt.Stag offer to be designated driver… :whistle:

We can look at doing another BBQ around the end of the month :wink:

You are bring your missus along eh?

God, you Tainan hippies are a sad bunch. It’s a Happy Hour, fer FS! Just because Mr The Chief’s not there doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourselves anyway! Aren’t Mr Tainan Cowboy, Mr Bismarck and Mr Monster in Tainan? Should make for some lively discussions and serious drinking. Focus, people, focus.

Didn’t read the thread title very carefully, did we?

Didn’t read the thread title very carefully, did we?[/quote]
Haha. Oops. :blush: Chinese all sounds the same to me.

Okay. We have the front patio reserved for tomorrow. :sunglasses:

I can DD no problem…however, you’d have to make your way into town by your lonesome since I will get out of work just before (which is just around the corner)…so, a ride home is possible…but not in!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported the event. :sunglasses:

Sorry i couldn’t be there to meet you all. Week days are busy busy for me

Huh? What is this doing in Travel? It’s an event.

Ah Ha!.. I knew I’d looked for this shindig in events and found nothing, now the conspiracy has been outed and the truth that is was lurking in travel all the while has been laid bare… Vindication at last!..

Wonder who put it in Travel… :whistle: