Taichung, Japanese guitar player: Rocket Son

Next week, Tuesday, a cool Japanese guitar player will play at our place in Taichung, Art Street (International Street, Lixiangguo).

His name is 藤田猛巳 better known as Takewan or Rocket Son. He calls his music blues with jazz, Indian (as in from India), Middle Eastern and Okinawan influences. It IS pretty cool.

It is free, but if you want to come, please pm me first for directions, that way know approximately how many people will show up.

Hi mods, I guess I should have posted this in Taichung events. If you want to move it there, please go ahead.

Yup, I’ve posted about Rocket Son before. He played Peshawar and another place (Kafka something…near Gongguan) last weekend. You can buy a CD if you like the songs. A very unusual musician…I recommend it.

At your place? That will be very cool. Really at your place?

Yes. At our place. Do you have time to come down?

Last chance, boys. And girls. It is tomorrow 8 pm.