Taichung-Keelung-Tainan or Kaoshing?

Hey Guys

I want to take a few day trips out of Taipei during my vacation in march. I wanted to get opinions from people that have been to the following places:

Taichung, Keelung, Tainan, and Kaoshing.

Which is a better choice of place to visit? and why? I am young (26) and American so I would rather see something that im not completely used to as well as something that young people might be around more so. That information might help you provide suggestions for me on day trips outside of Taipei. I am already set to go to Taroko so dont worry about that one :slight_smile: Thanks for your help! :bow:

Tainan by far… lots of historic sites within walking distance of each other, and among the best food in Taiwan.

Thanks Chris! I was thinking the same thing after some further research :slight_smile: much appreciated