Taichung Parents Google Group has been created!

A new Google Group has been created called Taichung Parents.


Here is the description:

This group was created to provide expatriate and Taiwanese parents and families with opportunities to network and share information about living in Taichung with their children.

The further aim of this group is to provide a space where parents can discuss issues related to prenatal health, childbirth, child development and child-rearing, education and all things related to parents and kids in Taichung.

It is our hope that this group can become a center around which parents will organize real-time social activities for themselves and their children in Taichung.

We have 47 families signed up so far.

If you are interested, request an invitation.


That’s a good start - 47 families! Can I post about this on my information blog?

Sure :slight_smile:

Here you go: