Taichung second most populated city in Taiwan for the first time

As of late July, our middle region city is now the second most populated city in Taiwan, beating out Kaohsung for the first time ever.

Will Taichung hold on to this spot? Are there any studies of population movement internally within Taiwan and Taichung a better place to live than the southern cities?

The weather
Full employment, need for workers
Lots of houses
Reasonable traffic
Lots of schools and parks

It’s summer
Time to move to Taichung

Quick, quick, quick… come to Taichung

When the winds turn North in winter… No way to breathe!

Congratulations to Taichung for becoming the second city on the island
(As far as I remember it was a topic during the last mayor elections)

It’s a good city but the air is now almost as bad or worse than Kaohsiung…so I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

Health of family is very important.