Taichung: Superb Taiwan environment photo exhibition

This is not about travel as such but relates to the environmental/geographical things that often get talked about here.

There’s a very good exhibition of aerial photographs in the tree-lined patch of green across from the Natural Science Museum (in front of Caves bookshop). They were taken from helicopters and show a great variety of local scenery including mountains, lakes, cliffs and architecture (industrial, residential and religious). They’re by a local photographer who is concerned with the environment (sorry, forgot his name). The information below each photo is detailed and explores environmental and other issues in an honest way. This is no puff piece for tourists. The English language translations are pretty good.

If you have the opportunity to see this exhibition it’s well worth it. I think it will run until the end of February.

Thanks to joesax for posting about this exhibition. I saw this post before going on a short trip to Taichung and made a point of seeing it. It was better than I expected. For one the photos are very large blow-ups and the color is outstanding. The exhibit is titled “Our Land Our Story” and the photographer’s name is Chi Po-Lin. It is really interesting and the views of Taiwan that are captured from the air are unusual. Even if you are not heavily into environmental stuff the exhibit is well worthwhile. It is long too, covering an entire city block from end to end and it is double-sided. It took me at least an hour to do the first side. The English text explanations are very good. There is also a coffee table book version of the exhibit on sale for about NT$800 at the bookshop across the street in the science museum. It think this exhibit ends on 2-28 so if you are in Taichung it is worth catching, or even worth a trip there if you are really into this kind of thing.