Taichung to Taipei?

Anyone able to tell me the cheapest way to get from Taichung to Taipei, specifically Tunghai to Danshui Station? I know I can catch the HSRT for most of it but I’m hoping for a cheaper option. I believe there may be a bus option but between not knowing the websites and not knowing Chinese it is a little challenging. It’d be same day return if that makes any difference.

Just go to the bus station. It’s really easy.

The Ubus station?

Just go to the bus station. It’s really easy.[/quote]

[quote=“Bibliophile”]The Ubus station?

Just go to the bus station. It’s really easy.[/quote][/quote]

I think you want Taipei Bus Station right behind the train station at No. 200 Civil Boulevard

Scroll down there is a map

taipeibus.com.tw/ct.asp?xIte … e=706&mp=1

Incredibly the site is not in English. But there will be lots of buses. You might have to wait for an hour at a busy time like Friday night.

Walk down the road from Dong Hi towards TaiChung City. On your right after about 10 to 20 minutes will be a bus station. You can get on a bus there for under 400NT.

Check what the price is from the UBus station near Tunghai to Taipei Main station. I know from the Chaoma station in Taichung (about a ten minute taxi ride from Tunghai) to Taipei should be around $250 NT. It’s around a 2.5 hour bus ride. Once you get to Taipei Main station, take the MRT to Damshui - should be around $35 NT or so.

For reference the High speed rail from Taichung to Taipei costs $700 NT for a one hour trip, but the taxi ride from Tunghai to the Taichung High speed train station may be quite far - perhaps around $200 NT.

Great. Thanks for all this.