Taichung tracks?

Well my BWS is pretty much built up and ready to hit the track.
Im not willing to drive out the city so is there anywhere local thats rideable… even a go-kart track would surfice!.

No tracks that I know of in Taichung…There’s a karting track called Rosso up on Dadu Shan, but I’m not sure if they let scooters on there…it would be too tight on a scooter I think…I’d suggest that you take your scoot out to the Dakeng area and ride on the small (but twisty) mountain road network…head east on TaYuan road all the way to the end where Washington High school is…once you are at the school’s entrance, just ride out into the hills…there’s tons of fun to be had out there…just take it easy at first and get to know the terrain a bit and remember to expect the occasional blue truck heading the other way!

You should think about moving to Zhongli. :slight_smile:

Out towards my place in Taiping there is a huge area where they started construction and then stopped before anything was actually constructed. Now it would probably be illegal to use that enormous paved and closed-off area to ride around like a lunatic, but just sayin’ :whistle:

taiping is pretty close to me right?.
I think i ride out to a carpark near there and do my speed runs, not much of a track though…

Got a yahoo map link for me :smiley: ?

I am in Dali and Taiping is very close to me. You are North of Taichung-gang road close to feng chia university right? It will be about 20 min to 30min to get to Taiping.

I don’t know any tracks around but Dakeng roads are where many people cycle so avoid during early mornings during weekends and late afternoon many people drive to there.

During week day it should be pretty much empty with few blue trucks

rks is near tai zhong in zao qiao, miao li
苗栗縣造橋鄉談文村2鄰阿八窩12號 TEL:037-561346 FAX:037-561391
lemme kno if u want some directions

sounds good, might give it a try once i sorted out the over heating problem!.

RKS is a gokart track isn’t it??

Both, it is big enough to support 150cc motorcycles. I have never been there, but Temple goes quite often. He says it is a lot of fun. There are even drift days, but IMO the track is way too small for that. Here is what the track looks like.


my friend got a go kart track in gi gi . they let scooters ride there track since they practice on it before track day. small track though :frowning:

(taichung) there is a large lot they use for drift sessions/racing (big flat lot all coned up). expressway in front of taichung HSR just keep driving towards changhua it’s on the left hand side in the mountains. not sure what’s it called or exact location. i had to follow my freind.