Taichung Veggie Burgers!

hi there!

we’ve really been missing a nice big veggie/garden burger. we had some great ones at the mystery land festival… but alas doesnt seem to be a costco in taichung city. the fingaz veggie burgers are obviously great… but how about a big box of veggie patties… anyone know where something like this could be found in taichung city???

I think I just saw some at the “Yumaowu” supermarket on Chongde Rd. just a few blocks north of Wenshin Rd. (near Uncle Jimmy’s). They had some various vegetarian frozen foods, and veggie patties were probably there, although I wasn’t really paying attention. I think Uncle Jimmy’s sells veggie patties as well.

I have heard that they are building the Taichung Costco now. It’s going to be off WenXin South Road. There is also a little shop called 101 supermarket (check compass for location, they moved recently) which gets things from Costco. You can ask them to order what you want. Also, if you have a Costco membership, I have heard they deliver to Taichung if you order through their catalogue. I haven’t tried this to confirm the details, but two other people in our animals group have done it. I know it’s possible, just not sure what amounts and membership requirements are. The garden/veggie burgers I have seen here at supermarkets have been a disappointment, so I wouldn’t recommend even searching for them.