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Do any of you feel Taichung, although being a large city, still kind of has not much going on?

Whenever I’m in Taichung I always feel like it sprawls on forever and getting from point A to point B is often an inconvenient task. The city just feels a bit hollow if you know what I mean (maybe not).

I’ve been further south in Taiwan to some smaller cities and I want to go visit Kaohsiung too. Is Kaohsiung better in this regard?

Idk, my experience could be limited and I might be completely wrong on something. I’m just basing this off how I’ve felt up until now.

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The nightlife used to be a lot better until a mayor decided to shut everything down. Apart from places his relatives owned.

Which mayor was that?

Why was everything shut down?

Jason Hu.

There was a fire in a nightclub and it was used as an excuse to close lots of other bars and clubs.


Is Kaohsiung any better?

Honestly, I enjoy Taichung’s downtown more and more every time I go out. However like you said, it takes *forever* to get anywhere, and it’s not always worth it.

Yes. At minimum it has a subway system.

Although I’ve never been, Kaohsiung seems way more vibrant and “dense” (For lack of a better word) with things to do at night and during the day.

Thats why

Although I am surprised to hear that Taichung is inconvenient, because Kaohsiung is exceptionally convenient.

Taichung doesn’t have a lot of activities going on, nor a whole lot of places to visit in the city on the weekends, it’s true. The lack of a nightlife is part of what makes it a nice place to live, especially for families. Go for a walk, go to a night market, or read a book in the evenings. Public transportation is not great, but you can get to most major places in 20 minutes by scooter.

I think it has been described as Taiwan’s most liveable city, and I (mostly) agree. However, it may not be its most visitable.


Due to fires …

I’ve lived there for roughly one year. Not a lot to do in the city apart from shopping malls and night markets. A few nice parks here and there. The seaside is non existent. The mountains in Nantou are fantastic but that’s a fairly long drive from Taichung.
Also, mandatory reminder about the air quality which probably reduces life expectancy by 1 year for each 6 months of life there. The weather is really good, never too hot, never too cold, not a lot of rain and sheltered from typhoons.

If we’re talking about general entertainment, Kaohsiung >>>>>>>>>>>> Taichung, but even though it’s not that far South it’s much, MUCH hotter that Taichung. You do get a real seaside and many more places to visit. Air quality is still trash, but that’s fairly common all over the West coast thanks to our neighbors.

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It was still shit while our neighbours where chucking a sickie

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Isn’t that in violation of regulations not to have a fire extinguisher in their building? Or maybe they just were not able to access it. :man_shrugging:

Are they going to shut down all of the bakeries in Taichung now?
(Ala burned down almost 10 years ago and the nightlife apparently still hasn’t recovered.)