hi guys, I noticed you mentioned us in your posting. We are taichungpaws.org. Although most of our original members are long-term residents or locals, we have been an organized group for about 3 months. We received our inspiration from Sean at AnimalsTaiwan.org and hope to formally join up with them when we get established. At the moment, we are a loose coalition of people who care about animals. All of our members are active in rescuing, fostering and adopting homeless animals. We are focusing on central Taiwan and hope to work together with other groups already established. Our basic plan is to be an umbrella group for a variety of activities, such as fostering, rescuing, education, and adoption support. If anyone in the greater Taichung area is interested in joining us, or cooperating with us, please visit our website taichungpaws.org. If you are not in our area, please set up a link and we will link with you. We are having our first kick-off event this Saturday, 1/13. Please let us know if you have any questions. There are never too many chefs in this kitchen!

I’m a member of the Taichungpaws team and it seems that we all wanted to help out AT in some way, but being located in the middle between Taipei and Kaohsiung, it was kind of hard to be directly involved. We were all doing rescues and trying to get animals adopted on our own. It just seemed to make more sense if we tried to coordinate our efforts in some way, so Taichungpaws was created to focus those efforts and try to raise some money. It’s already payed off and we’ve had a few successful rescues in only a few months.

So if anyone else in the Taichung area is interested, please get in touch with us through the website (www.taichungpaws.org) or better yet, check out our event this Saturday in Taichung. It will be nice to meet the other kind hearted people who have become involved in improving the quality of life for the animals of Taiwan. Hope to see you there.

So if anyone else in the Taichung area is interested, please get in touch with us through the website (www.taichungpaws.org).[/quote]

I was a bit slow getting around to it, but I put one of your nice link buttons on the AT site tonight. Pretty cute.

There are nice copy-and-paste codes there so people can put them on their blogs, MySpace or even on a Forumosa link. :blush:

Here are a few of the buttons available:
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Great work you guys are doing down there! :bravo:

I’ve been putting people your way; hope that’s OK.

Hoping you’ll come onto the AnimalsTaiwan forums so we can discuss ways of working with you and supporting each other. :wink:

[color=blue]Thanks for the reply. We had a successful first event, and are planning some more get-togethers. It feels so good to work together with others who care about animals. It makes us feel like we are creating a better world. When we cooperate and share, our successes can only multiply. If anyone in Taichung wants to work together with us, please check our website for contact details in English and Chinese. taichungpaws.org[/color]

we are looking for a place to hold our 4/1 event. Please check our website for more details. We would love to have more people. TaichungPAWS.org is really a group project and we need more people to join our coalition. We meet every Sunday afternoon.

Great job guys! I live in Taichung county and look forward to a meeting. I have posted in your forum under the name"hi" , had a bit of trouble with the chinese, haha. Is Sunday a convenient time to meet your group?

Sunday at 2pm at Deshea and Anne’s Home cafe, just behind world gym. e-mail me if you need directions or want to confirm with us by phone.

I will definitely be coming to this event. See you there! :slight_smile:

I went to look at the Cat-Cafe place and it seems fine to me for holding our 2nd event on 1st 0f Apr. I will go again this Saturday to disscus more details with the owner. They have two lovely cats in there! How cute! Sean, TaichungPAWS is looking forward to see you this time. I will be around as well.

[color=blue]It looks like we will have our 4/1 event at Frog 2. Please check our website for more information. Everyone is invited.[/color]