Taichung's Most Honest Taxi Driver

This story in China Post caught my eye:

‘‘Security Wallet Returned in Taichung’’

“A foreign woman lost her wallet, along with her passport, airline tix and 2500 NT dollars in a taxi in Taichung recently. With the help of her hotel staff, the taxi driver was located and the valuables returned. The driver’s name is Huang Pin-fu, and if you are in Taichung and ever need a cab, his number is 0932648892.”

So why didn’t he just return the wallet without having to be located?

I agree. It sounds like he was simply found with the wallet. Did he make any attempt to return it? Are people just surprised that he didn’t try to keep it?

I bet money he has friends at the press and they are helping him get business.

Maybe he didn’t know it was on the floor or in the backseat.

Jesus guys! Since when do taxi drivers do a clean sweep of the rear after every fare?

It’s nice to think in this way but my pessimistic side tells me otherwise.

(However, logic tells me that he noticed the wallet because of these reasons:

1): One of his next fares probably would have noticed the wallet.

They would have either

a) kept wallet themselves or
b) given the wallet to the taxi driver

In scenario “a” the taxi driver wouldn’t have seen the wallet.
In scenario “b” the taxi driver would have had possession of the wallet.

2): The taxi driver noticed the wallet on the back seat and therefore knew about the wallet.

Either way, the possibility of the taxi driver knowing about the wallet is greater than the possibilty of it not being noticed).

How much time went by from the time the wallet was lost until it was returned? I’m curious.


How difficult would it be for the average Taiwanese person to track a taxi driver? My guess would be not very difficult especially when the place of departure is a hotel. I left all my keys on a Hualien to Taidong bus and got them back the next day.

I agree with Jd’s comment.