Taidu advocates against academic Freedom!

Well what did you expect from the ignorant green yokels? :noway:

[quote]Chien Lin, in a written statement yesterday, pointed out that while the institute is engaged in several projects on languages used by Han peoples, and languages derived from these – including dead and rare languages – it was not prepared to spend any funds for the study of the Taiwanese language next year.

“I will demand cutting the annual budget for the institute, except the budget for Hoklo and Aboriginal languages, when the legislative committee reviews the annual budget for the Academia Sinica on Nov. 1,” Chien Lin said in the statement.

“I will also try to seek support to make a resolution demanding the Academia Sinica distribute a certain amount of money for studies on Taiwanese, Hoklo and Aboriginal languages in the future,” she said.

taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … 2003209054

God damn collaborationist academics, it’s time to initiate some struggle sessions against these traitors against the Taiwan motherland and Lee Teng Hui thought! Fight mainland revisionism! Resist Chinese chauvinism! Destroy the cow demons and snake spirits!



Sure why not. I’m sure the ROC constitution written in an dead aboriginal language would be earth shattering to the Strait Issue.

Is this a good time to apply for funding for studying Hakka or Taiwanese?

Reading the article you linked, I got the strong impression that

  1. It was a symbolic protest and demand, done to highlight the fact that Hoklo and aboriginal languages had been left off the budget and that

  2. Since in fact all of these are included int he budget and this was merely a misunderstanding, it won’t amount to anything. Not to mention

  3. The person doing the demanding is just a TSU guy with minimal control.