I’d like to understand more about the TaiKe. I’ve only recently picked up on this term, despite having being here for years, but it’s all over the Flob if you search for it.

I asked my wife but she didn’t know what I was talking about :s. Is it just a term foreigners use?
So what is TaiKe in Chinese?
And what kind of look or behaviour would define a TaiKe - are they the equivalent of a Uk Chav?

Thoughts and examples welcome.

[quote=“The Urban Dictionary”]
Taiwanese who were born in recent decades who are influenced by western and japanese styles and have resulted in a distinct style of clothing and taste in music. This style ironically appears like lower class citizens characterized by large logos, sandals, collared shirts made of cheap materials and rolling up a cigarette box in the sleeve of their t-shirts. Tai Ke are often not highly educated. They like to pimp their cars and dye their hair. They squat when they smoke and like to chew betel nut. They drink beer and eat peanuts in a park instead of going to a pub. They like to dance to techno music wearing white gloves. The literal translation is “Taiwanese guest.” The female version is Tai-Mei.[/quote]

See also:

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The funny thing about these kinds of people is that they can be found all over the world. Pretty much every country has them, and they can all be spotted a mile off, even if they have their own local flavours. They’re all basically characterised by an excess of the wrong things and a dearth of the right things.

That article by Jerome Keating is a load of pretentious crap. Taike aren’t free. They’re slaves to their own lack of moderation and delayed gratification. They’re slaves to fashion and advertising. That it’s somehow fashionable to mimic them speaks more about the vacuousness of the fashion industry and those from the upper classes who participate in it, yet who simultaneously would want nothing to do with genuine taike people in the same way that upper middle class whites may act or dress gangster to gain some sort of cred, but would shit their pants if they ever actually found themselves in the ghetto. It’s all about romanticising the “Other”, even if actually more base and savage, as noble. Dickheads.

jimipresley answered the question, but I’ll add these links anyway:

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Here’s a little bit from a book on Taiwan: tinyurl.com/taike

Taimei, the feminine version, is more elusive, but it’s mentioned here and there:

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Here’s mention of Taimei in a book, for anyone who can read German (I can’t): tinyurl.com/taimei-german

Some of those Taipmei are smoking hot.
Some of them look like they will put you in traction after 5 minutes in the sack.
Damm, it would be worth it.
Lucky I only need 5 minutes including foreplay and dinner.

From one of the links:

So is that it? I’ve seem before.

[quote=“Nuit”]From one of the links:

I HATE when they wear short jeans under a short skirt. It’s cheating.

To me Taike are the guys with the orange hair, little bit of a mullet, Nissans with wings higher than the roof, pimping their SYM Dio 50cc with blue screws.

Taimei are those girls with tattoos on their hands, many earrings in one ear, also orange hair sometimes.