Tailingua: An Introduction to Taiwanese

Morning all,

I’ve put together a little site about the Taiwanese language called Tailingua - most of the information on there at the moment is fairly basic, but I will be adding more as time goes on.

If you have any suggestions or criticism (preferably constructive!) I’d be very happy to hear it, either in this thread, by PM or by email at admin(at)tailingua.com.


Like it.

The Openvanilla tools (English) link leads nowhere. Not your fault, I realise. Chinese appears okay, but I can’t download onto this work PC. I was curious to see the input tools.


Hmm, looks like there’s a problem with the English database on the OpenVanilla site. I’ll change the link on my site to reflect that - thanks for the heads-up.

I haven’t tried OpenVanilla for Windows, just OS X, but it seems the Windows pack (beta) can be downloaded from here. I’ll try installing it on my virtual Windows machine on the Mac this afternoon and see how that goes.

looks great. i’m looking forward to reading all the news. i guess you don’t know where there’s a list of the 400 govt. approved characters online?

Good point, I’ll put a link to that list on the site. The list actually consists of 300 entries, totalling around 400 characters (you’ll see what I mean if you have a look). It’s available here as a pdf file (thanks to Cranky Laowai for the link).

thanks, looks like they managed not to muck it up.

Yep, and it only took them five years… :smiley:

don’t underestimate the magnitude of the achievement in not mucking it up, lol.


HG, I tried out the Windows POJ pack for OpenVanilla - works great using XP on my virtual machine. They offer a POJ-only (Taiwanese) pack, and the full pack which includes loads of input methods for Hanzi too.


Mind you I’m not one for writing Taiwanese, but I would like something better for pinyin inputting Chinese than what XP and Mac offer. I find the Mac in particular a dumb sluggish piece of crap.



For inputting Chinese on OS X, the best system hands-down is QIM (you at the back - stop sniggering). It costs cash-money, but if you type Chinese on a regular basis it’s well worth it, I feel. It’s very well put together and has loads of useful features. There’s lots of information about and discussion of using Chinese on a Mac at Yale University’s Chinesemac site.

For inputting Chinese on OS X, the best system hands-down is QIM (you at the back - stop sniggering). . . [/quote]

:laughing: Erhm, but being mature and ready readers of pinyin we recognise it as “chim”, right?


:laughing: Erhm, but being mature and ready readers of Pinyin we recognise it as “chim”, right?


Naturally, naturally…

Excellent site Taffy. Nice and uncluttered, and the large font is good for an old drunk like me.

I’m sure your wife is happy that you have found a new internet-related hobby. :smiling_imp:

You mean she gets to watch her Korean soaps in silence without me constantly criticising the appalling acting? She’s thrilled, believe me. :laughing:

Hi, it seems to have been a long time since anyone posted here. About time to get it going again. I’ve been learning Taiwanese in private lessons at Maryknoll’s in Taipei since April 2009 and I’m interested in exchange with other enthusiasts.
Cheers and Tai7 ke1 ka1 iu5!