Tailor for jeans etc

hi, does anyone know of a tailor who can make jeans and other pants.
i need pants thatr have a 35 or 36 leg and they’re hard to find here or on the net. also i have soem old pants/jeans i figure they could just remake. i went to some tailors and the material market but they only do suits.
i know Roman in taichung makes stuff but so far he hasn’t replied to my e so any help would be appreciated

If you buy jeans in a store here, they will tailor it for you for free. If not, try over in Ximending area. There are several tailors over there. You can find them on the street that the store 888 is on. Walk down that street with the store to your back and you will see them. They are like stands.

I would suggest going to the Big and Tall stores here. I forgot the name, but it has a big bird in a cage as apart of their logo. Can’t miss it.

Best of luck :rainbow:

It’s called “Pant Kingdom” and their motto (in chinese) is “Even the biggest “bird” will fit”