Tailor-made suit / Tailor / Tailored suits, Taipei

I don’t know. Would 40k be reasonable?

I had a very nice three piece suit made at Grand Tailor about 3 years ago for around 35k. I think that is about the cheapest price for there.

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Try James Lee. They’re mid tier in Taiwan which fits your budget without going to a cheap tailor.


He has many western clients so might be better to fit you. I have used him before and I’m happy with his shirts.

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Grand Tailor is also supposed to be very good. Apparently the best in Taiwan. But theyre top tier for Taiwan. They’re actually 2min walk from James Lee.

If you can, I would get it from them and spend a bit more.

It’s a shame Taiwan’s tailoring scene isn’t strong and many places have closed actually. Tailoring is thriving all over Asia besides Taiwan where it’s dying.

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You should be able to get something decent with that at one of the above mentioned…
I know a guy who’s made me shirts, trousers and a linen suit last year. He would charge around 15 for a suit. He has no store so fewer overheads.

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