Tainan cycling / road biking in Tainan County

New to the Tainan area, I’m looking for 30km-100km routes or groups who ride in the area. Ideally I’d like to leave from around Guantian & ride some hills on smooth roads. Given posts about dangers from cars & scooters, I’d like suggestions for relatively safe routes. Is there a loop around 烏山頭水庫 Wusanto Reservoir/Coral Lake, or are those little roads rough with holes & gravel?

Maybe @ShutUpLegs has a bit of experience or @ShuHao , @ColT can chime in.

All I can say is, get acquainted with your local bike shops and see if they can direct you in the right direction.

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Thanks, @ranlee . I think the nearest bike shop is a good distance & I don’t speak Mandarin. Yes maybe others will chime in too!

This website might have some good routes - https://bike100.tw/routes?filter_area=southern-taiwan&query_type_area=or

I usually just put the Chinese name in a YouTube search to get a rough idea.

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I only lived in Tainan for a few months and didn’t really find anywhere that interesting to ride. I’d just generally head east.

I did pick up some parts and had a lengthy chat with the guy who runs https://bdopcycling.com/, which is based in Tainan. Nice chap and knows a lot about the local area.

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BDop! he’s an old racer from long time back in expat scene in Taiwan. Won more than a few, but often just played hard man. Nice to hear he’s still in the business. Yeah, trust him: he knows his stuff.

Don’t get sandbagged into riding with him though.

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