Tainan: Good hotel? Things to do?

Going to Tainan next weekend for our anniversary.

Anyone know the best hotels?

What’s good to do in Tainan anyway (we’ll have a car)?


The Confucius Inn across the intersection from the Confucius Temple. Great little new hotel for around NT1400.

You can do the Lonely Planet walking tour of course. Actually the city has its own maps up now directing you on an almost identical walking tour.

The Anping area is completely changing and worth a visit. Nice to stroll around the harbour.

Learn about the history of Taiwanese literature at the Literature Museum.

Visit TainanCowboy and see if he really is a cowboy.

Thanks MM. Is that Confucios Hotel a good cheap option or a real nice place? We want to stay somewhere flash I think. 5-starish. 5th anniversary and all that.

What is the Anping area? I’ve never been to Tainan before. (Not really into temples and museums though).


Landis is about the tops. On Sieman road downtown. It has parking available.

Tell them its your anniversary. If your wife is Taiwanese, have her make the reservations.

Yes, the Landis for that kind of thing. They do golf packages if that’s more your activity.

Anping is west of town by the ocean. New harborfront being built. Great around sunset.

How does the Landis compare to the Evergreen Plaza there?

How does the Landis compare to the Evergreen Plaza there?[/quote]
IMO, the food is better at the Evergreen, but the location, rooms and service is just slightly better at the Landis.

Also, there is a Bed & Breakfast just outside of town that the OP might want to consider. I had the link but lost it. Perhaps someone can direct him to it.
It looks like it might be worth his and his wifes consideration for a nice romantic Anniversary rendezvous.

I think you’ll have a bit of difficult finding any “Sieman” Road. All of the signs are romanized as “Shimen” Road.

The Bed & Breakfast place is here -


If you’re into kayaking the local streams, there’s -


Thanks again for the suggestions. Tainan was nice.

I’d really recommend Bamboo Bridge B&B. It was really nice, great breakfast, good price and good chatting with Karl, the South African boss.

Also had the worst Indian food of my life (can’t remember the name, but opposite a big park). Absolutely no spice or flavour of any kind.


Does anyone know whether the Bamboo bridge b&b is still in business? The web link no longer sends you to the b&b. If not, any other recommendations for hotels in Tainan that would be baby friendly? Thanks, Sara

Plenty to see and do in Tainan if you have an eye to history. Anping has the oldest paved streets in Taiwan and a number of relics dating back to the Dutch Occupation. You can get around Anping on foot reasonably easily. The beach at Chou Mao Yuan is…well… a pretty typical Taiwanese beach but you can buy an ice cream there. The Luermen district is also historically interesting as the landing point of Koxinga prior to routing the Dutch at Fort Zeelandia (Anping Gubao)

Some links to my site:


If you’re looking for a place that’s low priced but in a convenient location, I like Ing Wang Hotel, which is an older building with small rooms, but it’s reasonably comfortable and its just around the corner from the Chihkan Towers, and a quick walk to many of the historic sites of Tainan. Rooms from NT$590/night.

As for what to do and see in Tainan, it’s probably better to ask what not to do or see. There are so many historic sites, being the long-time capital of Formosa. COnfucius Temple, Wufei Temple, Koxinga Temple, Matsu Temple, Eternal GOlden Castle, Chihkan Towers, Anping Fort, Old Street, etc. etc. etc.

And the food…the food…

Thanks for the tips. Any suggestions for more mid-range hotels? I came across one called La Plaza (I think).

Last question, I promise. I saw that Mucha Man recommended the Confucius Inn and I found an intriguing review online. But I can’t find any contact info for it. Anyone know the Chinese name, website, or phone number? Many thanks! Sara

Bamboo Bridge B&B is now longer in operation.

For Western food, you can try:
taiwanfun.com/south/chianan/ … Corner.htm
taiwanfun.com/south/chianan/ … 1WILLY.htm

The Lonely Planet walking is a good idea. If you don’t have the book, just get downtown and look for one of the bilingual map boards the city government has put up. There are lots of them, and they’re very useful.

Tainan is a bit chilly at night now. Bring some warm clothing. The Masu/Mazu/Matsu/Matzhu park across from An Ping has a couple of good restaurants now.

Come to Tainan and eat…and look at a lot of old stuff.

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Also, if the tourist buses are still running from the train station it’s really easy to get around to everywhere. Actually it’s pretty easy anyway. If you don’t have a map get one at the train station tourist office.

Be sure to chow down on Tainan’s culinary specialty, coffin cakes (棺材板 guāncáibǎn).
It’s a hollowed out piece of toast stuffed with thick chowder containing chicken, seafood, and vegetables. It’s a bit sloppy - I have no idea how the locals eat these sandwiches with chopsticks. Ask for a knife and fork.

[quote=“Quentin”]I think you’ll have a bit of difficult finding any “Sieman” Road. All of the signs are romanized as “Shimen” Road.[/quote]Quentin -
No…no they are not:

Perhaps you were referring to a different street/road. But this is the one the Landis Hotel is located on.
And yes…I did mistakenly add an ‘e’ to the spelling. I very much doubt that additional vowel would cause much confusion.

We stayed at Taipung Suites (across from City Hall) and it was fabulous and reasonably-priced, with excellent service. We’ll find (or invent) an excuse to go back, I think! Truly top-notch.