Tainan job market

two questions:

1)What is the tainan job market like currently, for someone with a US bachelor’s degree but no experience?

2)I’m planning on going to Tainan and then finding a job. What are the visa issues with this? Will I be required to have a return flight in order to enter the country on a student/travel visa? Or can I get a work visa without an employer? Will the employer help me get a work visa, once I get a job?

thanks much in advance,

I don’t know about the job market in Tainan, but you will definitely need a return flight when you enter the country. Your best bet would be to obtain a muti-entry visa in the US, and apply for a resident visa/ARC after you secure employment.

Try this page for a list of schools in Tainan:


If you are interested in teaching adults, you might try Cambridge and Global Village (although they don’t pay too well), and Cosmos for some part time hours.