Tainan or Chaiyi

Hi I am moving to Taiwan in a few months, I have a degree, but my partner doesn’t. What are the chances of him finding a job, in Tainan or Chaiyi (he has three years of university, and will be taking TEFL). Will $2000.00, canadian be enough to set myself up until my first paycheque…I will be arriving after the Chinese New Year.

Things are very cheap here in Taiwan especially in Tinana and Jiayi area, therefore you shouldn’t have any finacial problem. As to your partner, degree is kind of important in the Taiwan society since it is a voucher of all your hard work and a proof of your ability. But since you will not be in the Taipei City, then it might not be as important as if you were in Taipei. Also depend on what kind of jobs he is looking for. He may not be an English teacher since degree are required but others may work.

Good luck!