Tainan organized motorcycle cruises?

I’m searching for motorcycle cruises already organized perhaps through local shops or clubs. I am in Tainan and have not had any luck from asking around.

If not, i’d like to see interest in joining one, and day tripping once a month out of Tainan to Kaohsiung or Pingtong. I’m interested in coastline cruises, mountain twisties, or village touring. The group would include any rider (hopefully locals included so we dont get miserably lost), and i ride a 150 so big bikes probably wont like the pace. This is purely recreational and noncommercial, but perhaps can grow into popular meeting spots hosted by cafes or shops.

PM if interested. The weather has been fantastic.

There are some great curvy roads in Tainan and Gaoxiong Counties. I’m in Taipei, so won’t be joining you at least for a while, but good luck anyway. I know there are a few Forumosans down your way.

What’s wrong with a 150’s pace?? I went riding with big bikes when I used to ride my Kymco Hipster 150…not a problem…sure, not as much acceleration as the bigger bikes, but still not far behind though when we were in the twisties…

and if you’re riding an NSR150…well…that’s even less of a problem. I know someone who will hand most ‘fast’ big-bike riders their asses on an NSR… myself included… Captain Stag knows who I’m talking about~~~ Jones~~~

:help: I am looking for such tour friends as well. Just got my SV650 and need more motivation for taking her out. I am in Taipei (downtown), and want to join tours or clubs for touring during weekends. Anybody have a suggestion (no chinese spoken :blush: )?