Tainan Pillow Bears

This afternoon, while going for a walk with the youngcowby, I happened upon a sighting of the rare, white Tainan Pillow Bear. A very rare species.
Luckily I had the ol’ digital with me and was able to capture a few pics of this seldom seen beast.

First observed peaking at us from on top of a wall. It rained today and the bear was a bit damp:

Working my way closer, one is able to see the look of surprise in this magnificient creature. They rarely have contact with humans:

And finally, thru stealth and diversion, I was able to grab this once-in-a-lifetime close-up:

Truly a day to put in the memory book!

This being Taiwan, I only have one question: I wonder what a pillow bear tastes like? we could squat by the side of the road together and barbecue him… hao3 chi1 ma?

TC, very impressive.

Here in Taipei I once managed to snap a photo of the legendary Keith Haring Pillow Dog:

He was often seen lurking in the vicinity of the Sex and the City pillow:

stg -
:bravo: good hunting. It appears they share the same habitat.

And I like that big American Companies give money for this rare animal even they just get tiny little attachments on them. :smiley:

Don’t mean to offend, but that’s definitely a Taiwanese pillow biting bear, I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, just thought you should know.


I say let’s put them all together in a big hot pot with a stinky tofudebeest, thrown in for good measure… abundanza! :cookie: