Taipei 101 Consulting: Scam or the Real Deal?

[quote=“cw.jc”]I am not outraged. I just know that this website is viewed by many people here in Taiwan and when one person can come a post something getting replies as such:

I believe the accused deserves to be defended.[/quote]
You’re absolutely right. I am glad that the accusations have been so well rebutted. I think it gives everyone a clearer picture of the company and the people who work there, and armed with the sort of information you have presented here, people can get a clearer picture of what to expect.

As for me, I think I’d like to edit my original post to read"Taipei101, Thanks for your comments." That’s what I should have written in the first place. :blush: There are always at least two sides to every story, and sometimes many more…

cw.jc, thanks for your comments. :sunglasses:

That’s ok for everybody to voice their opinions. However, mine were based on facts according to my information.

I’m not really interested in this anymore because it consumes my time and energy and I’m not going to get much out of it, but I will just make a quick note based on the meetings I’ve had in the past with people who know him.

The bottom line is that there are too many people looking for this business owner whom he owes. For example this guy and others out at MGM Grand in Las Vegas are looking for him. Then there are several local banks that are looking for him. Then there’s a legislator (吳XX) who knows a lot about his family, like the fact his brother and father refuse to have anything to do wtih him and a lot of other stories, like the Singapore park-bum story was actually a Vegas story. Then apparently there are also members of the local mafia. Nobody’s interested in paying me to keep my mouth shut, so if they ask, …

Anyway, I’m not pursuing this and I have no more interest to and I won’t, because there are plenty of people out there who want him worse than I. The whole thing will sort itself out in the end and I really don’t care anymore how it does.


He wasn’t keeping his verbal promises. When I asked him on many occasions to put what he said into writing, he refused and said I might as well quit if I want him to do that. Not only did I have no contract, but he couldn’t even put what he said in writing. What the heck am I wasting my time for? I wanted my hours to be normal and he refused to grant that. It should be very, very clear what I was doing and for what return: not just empty promises. When he failed on his other “verbal” promises, I had to doubt the legitimacy of all his promises.

I might have told you a lot of things when I hired you, however I can’t keep hiring people and feel like I’m lying to them if I feel the boss has been lying to me. That’s another reason why I left. I’m not going to be his henchman. For example, the promise we’d open offices in Taipei 101 by March, or we’d have offices in the Guting office building by February. All lies. He has a dream of how to get customers and it basically doesn’t work, so that’s all it is, a dream. I don’t want to work for a company that can’t pay the salaries. And yes, I still have not been paid in full for my January or February salaries and I have not been paid for anything else I have done. You know yourself he doesn’t pay enough because when you started your pay was exactly the same as your rent. I think maybe you got a cheaper rent, but anyhow I don’t know how one can survive on that especially when you and I both know what kinds of additional expenses we both have.

His cars are dilapidated. He made me be his chauffeur and both his cars are more than 10 years old and need constant repairs. He didn’t buy them, they were from his dad. When his dad got him a Mondeo a few years back he sold it for $600k right away and was on a plane for Vegas. He’s only interested in other people’s money or selling their gifts and not paying his workers, and then going to Vegas. Do you actually think he’s going to change someday? With a gambling addiction that strong, I doubt it. In fact, in a November meeting he mentioned taking the employees on a trip to Vegas and I told him I wasn’t interested in Vegas or gambling, I’d rather have the cash. I hate gambling and I always have and I don’t like to be around those kinds of people that make it an obsession. He told my friend if he worked for him for ten years, he’d give him a house, but his response was the same, I don’t need your gifts, I just want to be paid in cash for the work I’ve done, then I can decide on my own house.


I realize you might feel comfortable with your living conditions, but sorry to burst your bubble, living in the back half of a classroom on 1/2 a ping in the same classroom where kids learn is not exactly kosher with government regulations. Please know how to protect yourself legally before you get into situations like that. And for the majority of foreigners living here in Taiwan, living in the back half of a classroom on 1/2 a ping would NOT let them feel comfortable with the living conditions, so I believe you do not represent the majority perspective, but that is my opinion.