Taipei 101's construction documentary on Discovery Channel

Has anyone see Man Made Marvels - Taipei 101 on Discovery Channel Asia? It looks like it’s been playing repeatedly for a while but I only just saw it today.

So, 101 is just 200metres from a dormant (cross fingers) fault line, and there are more frequent and bigger earthquakes happening since 101 has been pinned into the ground. They had the footage of the earthquake in Mar 2002 (?) that caused cranes on 101 to collapse and people to lose their lives. Scary, but as they said, it’s probably safer to be inside 101 than outside and have things fall on you.

I’d be keen to get a copy of it if anyone happened to record it. I’d like to show it to my father who is an engineer.

yeah its under a fault line and they’re now building MRT under it… thats safe :slight_smile: