[Taipei] Account Manager/Project Sales: Needs Mandarin for TW clients, English for offshore vendors

This Investor Relations startup seeks an Account Manager/Project Sales talent to join us in bringing Taiwan companies to the international level by creating strategic branding and communications that are appealing to international investors and talents.


  • Work closely with Business Development Manager and attend discovery and pitch meetings
  • Conceptualize clients’ needs and craft pitch proposals with professional narratives and design
  • Assist in building relationships with corporate customers, understanding & anticipating their needs and pain points
  • Coordinate client + client relationship manager + internal resources


  • 2 years of experience in Investor Relations/Corporate Access/Financial Services/PR & Communications/Digital Service Industry an advantage, with interest in following/discussing the equity (stock) markets
  • A People-Person: someone with strong interpersonal skills & good listening skills
  • A person who takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service - Excellent written, oral, and presentation skills
  • Mandarin speaker and able to communicate in English with overseas vendors/partners
  • An optimist - a positive attitude with the ability to multi-task on multiple projects


  • Competitive remuneration package which include basic salary and attractive commissions
  • Career growth opportunities working with a multi-national executive team and an opportunity to develop your career beyond Taiwan

If you would like to apply, please submit your resume/CV to hsuan@ 11fleet.com
Subject of e-mail: [your Name] Account Manager Application

[業務開發] [全職]

職稱: 業務專案經理
公司: 提供台灣企業投資人關係服務的新創公司


  • 在投資人關係、Corporate Access或金融、公關、數位產品服務等任一相關產業有2年以上的工作經驗
  • 對於金融市場、股票等相關議題有興趣
  • 擅長人際交流、與人溝通、聆聽他人需求
  • 能為客戶提供優異服務
  • 具備書面以及口語表達能力與簡報技巧
  • 能以中文及英文進行溝通


  • 協助業務開發經理發掘潛在客戶、完成合作交易,確保服務能順利達成
  • 將客戶的需求具體化後,整合內部資源整理,提供專業的簡報提案
  • 協助與客戶建立健全牢靠的關係
  • 和客戶開發經理/顧問、內部產品資源協調,達成業務目標和協調服務的提供


  • 具競爭力的薪資福利 (底薪+業務獎金)
  • 寬廣的職涯成長空間、有機會跨出台灣,與跨國管理團隊合作
    如果您對此職位有興趣,請將履歷寄至 hsuan@ 11fleet.com,並且將主旨設為”名字_業務專案經理申請”

You can also PM me about your interest

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