Taipei Asia@home Conference on Earthquake Science, 3/20-21

Hi everyone!

Academia Sinica will actually host the event called Asia@home in Taipei.
It is a series of Conference about science and especially about distributed grids (Ie, everyone with its computer can participate and help the science!)

It is going to be the 20th March and 21st March.
The 21st March will cover earthquackes only.
As you know, timing is our only ally when an earthquack is detected but sensors are very expensive to run and monitor.
Thus distributed grids in SEA can be one solution for them (us).

Sadly, from the Japanese disaster, the conference get now the attention of communities.

To have more information, please following this link:

I will definitively come the 20th and 21st.
I hope to see some membrer from here!

And obviously, these lectures are mainly for the local population (Even if there are in english…) as they are very concerned about it.
So please spread the word all around you.

Happy New Year everyone !

This year again, the Academia Sinica is organizing with the CERN the 2012 Asia@home conference.

The conference will be about Distributed computing as we can all share our unused computing power of our PC, MAC, etc… to help science. (I’ve been doing that for more than 5 years).
And more particularly about Earthquake science.

The conference will be in English but might be also in Chinese if enough Chinese speaker join.
I hope some of you are interested and will join the event.

Also, I’m trying to contact local people, so please, spread the information around you !

Thank you !