Taipei Bike Works - Expat owned Bicycle Shop

Starts at 48k, it’s best to talk pricing at our shop as there are many options to choose from.

These guys are awesome. Need to visit again some time. Where’s the new store located again?

Near Chaoyang Tea Park? Nice location.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep! We really enjoy the park in front of the shop. Great for test riding bicycles.

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I have a few old steel frames in need of new paint. So I took upon myself to sandblast and respray them with new decals. I even went as far to redo the lug work on the old DAWES frame. Thought you guys might be interested in the level of detail my shop is capable of. The frames are a DAWES, Motobecane and Bottecchia.

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We offer a full service. It involves tearing your entire bike down, rebuilding, and polishing/cleaning. Most parts we will clean with ultrasonic and re-lube and torque everything back to spec.


Walk ins welcome?

Walk ins are always welcome! We are always happy to just chat about cycling.


Hey John,
Can you get Schwalbe tires? I’m looking for G-one Allrounds. 700x38c.

Yes we can!

I’m interested in replacement decals, though for something a bit more modern Aster.
I don’t like frame colours black, red ansd white Manchester United colours argh! So I intend to respray another colour.
Did you get someone in Town to re produce decals.

No, we just ordered them online.

Check these guys

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Great just what I’m looking for :grinning:

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I would also like to let everyone know I do offer custom builds. Customer just picked up his Titanium gravel bike today. Frame was hand built in Taiwan and then assembled by myself with his requirements and sizes. It wasn’t easy, but we found a bike to fit him (195cm tall!). Every company you see on the bike I can order parts and components from. Just let me know and I can help build your dream bike too!


I can also help you update your vintage bicycle or turn your abandoned bike into something awesome! My partner and I re-painted this Italian Bottecchia frame due to surface rust and reapplied the decals. A customer asked if we could install the new Shimano r7000, and we even sized the bike to fit him perfectly.


Here is another Retro bike. It is a 1990 Concorde Astore with Shimano r7000. Not only does it look amazing, but with the added modern group-set, it will continue to ride without issue for years to come. P.S. Tan-wall tires just look best on older bikes.


What is a gravel bike? when I heard the name I was thinking of the BMX gravel/dirt track bikes.
Obviously not, looks like a road bike but not!