Taipei chess club

Is anyone interested in meeting to play chess on a regular basis?

We could meet and play at THE HUB on Roosevelt Road (near Guting station) on weekday evenings (Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday) or on Saturday or Sunday afternoons/ evenings.

Just testing the waters here to see if there are any others out there who are interested.

You shoulda been here 2 years ago. We played every Sunday. … hess#30474

I’m too busy now to attend, but some of the other people from before may still be interested.

Thanks for that link from the past. It would be great to revive the Sunday afternoon chess club if we can find some more players?
It looks like it’s difficult to get chess boards in Taipei (at least it was). I have a small old magnetic one, which is not ideal but will suffice if there are no others available.

THE HUB would be an ideal venue - quiet, good NT$50 coffee and relaxing jazz music.

You could either come to our weekly Sunday meeting of misc. games and I’d play, or if you want to setup another day strictly for chess I’d be there. Any of those times you mentioned would normaly be fine with me, except for Sunday (Game Club day).

Possible for me. I might have to get someone to send me my clocks and USCF standard roll board and pieces. Where are you located again from the Guting MRT station exit?

Anyone is welcome to go to THE HUB for a game of chess on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday afternoon or evening. If there is an odd number of players, we could set up a chess programme on one of the display computers. Can anyone recommend a good programme.

THE HUB’s Address is: 7F Office 6 No 79 Roosevelt Road section 2 (right outside Guting MRT station exit 3. Tel: 3365 1549.

Take a look here: Chess software. I would recommend Winboard. There are also on-line chess sites which you can use. ICC (Internet Chess Club) is the best of them out there but pricey. I used to be a regular at FICS. ChessWorld.Net looks like a cool place. I’m familiar with Crafty and GnuChess as very strong free chess programs. More information on them can be found here.

Thanks. Hope to catch you folks soon.

I played a few games at THE HUB on Saturday afternoon with a guy called Matt. Perhaps we should set up a more regular time so that more players could drop by. Any suggestions?

By the way, THE HUB now has one good chess board (on loan from Matt) and one mediocre one and Winboard has been installled on both THE HUB’s display models in case there are an odd number of players.