Taipei City 100 Years Celebrations Sep-Dec/2020

Saw this in MRT station. Have not yet found any event or activity listings for this 3 month event (North is not at top on map).

More information about the series can be found at


It’s only one hundred years old? I would’ve thought it was older than that.

Another Tango42 Topic Saved!


This is one way to push IP off the top of the list. :+1::+1:t6:

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it’s not my intention, but what so ever

As long as it makes @Tango42 happy That’s the important thing

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Is New Taipei also celebrating it?

I still do not recognise ‘New Taipei’ as a city.

I fail to see the cultural connection each former town has with each other.

Even so. It hasn’t even been 10 years since the amalmagation.

That goes to show how much I know about the history of your beloved home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It will never cease to (mildly, admittedly) amuse me that I ride up one side of Yangmingshan from Danshui, enter the park and see “Welcome to Taipei City!” signs, spend some time cycling through mountains, come down mountains on the other side heading for Jinshan, and suddenly get “Welcome to New Taipei City!”, all while still in the mountains. And things remain almost entirely rural for the remaining route through New Taipei City along the coast back to Danshui. So … that’s an interesting tour of nothing that looked remotely like a city, yet I went through two of them!