Taipei City Crackdown on Kindergartens

FYI, the Chinatimes is reporting today that Taipei City will begin cracking down on Buxibans that pretend to be Bilingual Kindergartens and foreigners who teach illegally in Kindergartens. According to the article, the MOE reversed itself in late September last year on allowing Kindergartens to subcontract foreign teachers from Buxibans. Now all teaching by foreigners in Kindergartens is illegal. Taipei began enforcing these rules as of 1 February.

Be careful.

Yup, yesterday my outfit (large chain beginning with J) was playing musical schools with the kids. The game’s up. Throw down your flash cards and come out with your hands up.

It has been done before. I think it is important to see if this is another one day crackdown or the beginning of an on-going campaign?

That’s got to be bad news for the pubs over the longer term but will no doubt boost the trade for coffee shops (sheltering scurrying teachers) in the short-term.

Bah! What can you say? Come on Taiwan, get it together . . . please!


Well, the fact is that you don’t need to be a foriegner to ‘teach’ kindergarteners. Seems to be taking away jobs locals could do much better.

No real reason copy editors should be foreigners either :wink:

I wondered why I had an extra week off from teaching at my one kindergarten.

Coincidence exists only in the mind of a fool.


They won’t ever make any progress until they start arresting the customers as well.

oh, please arrest me and deport me next! gimme that free airticket anywhere i wanna go! please, get me out of this “legal” farce of a contract i live with and give me a free, re-do!

Of course, it would be interesting to see what the cops would do (if anything) if they were confronted with a JFRV ARC-carrying laowai. No regulations against that, are there…

I wouldn’t want to be the first one to put it to the test.

Can’t see anything wrong with getting those fake bilingual kindergartens to call themselves regular kindergartens. I’ve visited many so-called bilingual schools in Taihcung and they are nothing of the sort. They may say ‘wash your hands’ in English but that’s about it.

As for the illegal teachers, why can’t they go legit like other teachers? Sure they are not doing any harm (most likely!) but how hard can it be for the school or the foreigner to get the correct paperwork done?

For a kindergarten it’s impossible to get the correct paperwork done, but that doesn’t stop the demand. That and most buxibans cannot support a full time foreign teacher without having their teacher working part time in a kindergarten.

There are an increasing number of Romanian teachers though. What’s with that?

There are an increasing number of Romanian teachers though. What’s with that?[/quote]


Who says you were teaching? You are the story telling uncle, nothing wrong with that, is it?

Maoman: That would be interesting. At our meeting with the MOE last year, the representives from the police, MOE, and the CLA agreed that the MOE could require foreigners to have a work permit even if the foreigner had an open work permit through marriage or permanent residency. BUT, the CLA said that any foreigner caught working illegaly this way would NOT be deported. BUT the police deport people for working illegally, not the CLA, so your guess is as good as mine.

In practice, I think they would tell the kindergarten that it cannot employ foreigners (despite what the law clearly says) fine the kindergarten if it persists. The foreigner will not be deported.

Yes, seems to work for the street signs… :unamused:

We are talking about kindergartners here, not university students. Is there really any disagreement that big-noses are used in these situations to attract parents and to allow the kiddies to “get used to” foreign devils?
Other that these, what unique qualifications do laowais bring to the preschool level “student” that cannot be fulfilled by a local?
The real point here is that the government, if this is not just a rumor (and I have no confirmation of just what is officially going down), is not remaining consistent.
Nevertheless, am I supposed to believe that some foreigner is sitting there worrying, “If I can’t teach kindergartners, I will have to leave Taiwan!” Jez, teach some other level. Or is counting to 10 and running through the colors and singing Mary Had a Little Lamb pushing the envelope for these people… :unamused:

That puts me right out of the running. What the hell is the tune for that song?

Yes it is. Its remaining consistently inconsistent. Business as usual for the right hand, business as usual for the left. Totally different businesses, of course, but hey! Its cha bu do, isn’t that good enough for ya?

That puts me right out of the running. What the hell is the tune for that song?[/quote]

Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya.
Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya, nya-nya, -nya-nya.

As recorded by Buddy Guy
(From the 1968 Album MAN & THE BLUES)

Recorded by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mary had a little lamb
It’s fleece was white as snow, yeah
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Class dismissed…