Taipei Day Trips 2 (and now 1)

The second volume of Taipei Day Trips is now out. I just picked up a copy at Eslite on Dunhua toda. So far it looks very good. Lots of details on the length, terrain, and level of each hike as well as bus, train and car “getting there and back” information. Far, far superior to Lyndon Punts book in the way it is formatted and arranged.

Glad to see Wuliao Jen (boring mountain, as my Taiwanese friend likes to joke) in Sanxia included. This is a very fun and exciting afternoon hike that involves a fair amount of rope climbing, as well as a vertigo-inducing scamper across a knife-blade thin ridge. Years ago a woman did a Mary Poppins tribute when, opening up her umbrella to protect her white skin from the sun, she was blown right off the ridge.

Is the book in English or Chinese? And what do you mean by Taiwan Trips 2? Is it a new edition of the Punt book or something else altogether? If so, is there a Taiwan Trips 1?
Also, is that Dunhua store still 24-hour? If so, I’m off to get it tonight. Where in the store can it be found?


Something else. This one’s put out by the Community Services Center. I mentioned it in a thread long ago.

I haven’t seen the new one yet. The write-up makes it sound like a sequel; but the original could really use a second edition to update transportation info.

Actually this shouldn’t be an update from Taipei Day Trips 1 as it lists itself as a companion guide to TDT 1. And the girl at Eslite told me that TDT1 is being reprinted (it currently is unavailable).

The Eslite is still 24 hours as far as I know. At least it’s open till 3am.

The book is in the travel section. Turn left soon as you enter the bookstore. Second column. Right beside the Lonely Planet Taiwan guide actually.

$625. Published 2003/11/13 so the info is very up-to-date. I like that it also lists places to eat around the areas make it a real “day trip” book and not just a hiking guide. … etaway.htm

The Taiwan News, may it rest in peace, died October 30, 2003, had a good story about the chap who wrote the book, but for some reason it is not up on their website anymore. Was a very good article about the new book, by a staff writer there name Feliciano. There might be a link somewhere. She gave it high marks. As do I! I forget the author’s name, but he has really done his homework and deserves 10,000 kudos and more. Nice job, sir!

A bit on the expensive side, though. NT$625? Why?


Grab a copy of the TAIPEI DAY TRIPS BOOK 2 by RICHARD SAUNDERS and walk on the wilder side of Taipei!!!

Offers 30 new hikes and tours around the capital; a user-friendly guide for the everyday explorer armed with a sense of adventure and keen to explore the unknown Taipei. Includes maps, photos, transport info and a graded system for all the walks.

Available at the Community Services Center or any of the following bookstores:
Eslite Bookstore
Caves Bookstore

What are you talking about here, Winter?

BTW, Taipei Day Trips [color=darkred]1[/color] was reissued in 2004. I saw a copy of the book yesterday and it had different hikes from the second book. You should be able to get it as Eslite.