Taipei Dentistry 2018

Hello all,

I’m considering coming over to Taiwan for some dental work. For what it costs to get a crown and some fillings done here in the states, I can visit friends in Taipei and get the work done there.

Does anybody have some 2018 insight on what a procedure like a crown or a filling tends to cost in Taipei? Any recommendations on dentists that you’ve had a good experience with?

Thanks much!

This guys are pretty good.

Prices, of course, are negotiable. You need to be a bit firm with what you want and don’t want.

Thanks so much! Is it possible for you to give me at least a ballpark figure for what something like a filling might cost? High estimate is fine…

Just asked a dentist down here.
Ball park out of pocket (meaning no local NHI card) for one filling/cavity about USD 20-30.
Even if double that, it’s way cheap. Cavity filling in US is like USD 200-300, depending on how serious it is.

Yes, that seems reasonable. I’d say the whole operation should max out at 2000 NT.

I think a crown is NTD10,000 and up.

Yes, if it’s gold plated. Lol

You should double check with actual dentist before booking your flight. I had a friend from LA come to do the same thing as you and he found the prices in TW to be similar to the states for that type of dental work. He asked around many dentists in Taipei

The cheaper work in TW is basic cleaning which can be had for 500-1000 NTD

Did you read my reply?
I just visited a dentist and asked the OP’s question.
Now if your friend came and found similar prices he is going to the wrong dentist. Even this dentist said Taiwan dental work about 1/4 to 1/3 the price of the US.

Do you actually know what a crown is?

Also, gold crowns and ceramic crowns are the same price these days.

Crowns are not covered by NHI anyway. The last quote I got for crowning a molar with a root canal was in the 70 to 100K range depending on what type of material was used.

I just messaged on Facebook and the price they gave me was near US prices. I didn’t barter at all but I’m not sure if that’s the type of thing your barter on and by how much.

Which dentist was this that you visited? I would send them a message if you can give me their website/Facebook/WeChat

No, no according to KHHville its NTD200.

Actually I think I was talking about a ceramic veneer on an incisor. You’re prolly right.

I’m the only one that replied specifically to OP about the price of cavity filling from a dentist I went to today.

@krbrunet, I am here in Kaohsiung.
Your friends in Taipei can probably find a dentist for you around where they live. I’ve been to two excellent dentists in Taipei, but they don’t have websites.

No. You replied to half his question, I replied to the other half, then you laughed at me.

It’s not rocket science, it’s dentistry.

True. Point taken. I stand corrected. :beers:

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Good man. First time in the history of the interwebs anyone’s said that. :sparkling_heart:

That seems kind of expensive. The prices I’ve seen for crowns start at around NT$10,000. That 70 to 100K range sounds more like implant prices.

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Oh, actually you’re right, that was an implant. Crown was around 25K or so if I remember correctly for a good quality ceramic. It was up at around 70~80 for a bridge with 2 crowns.