[Taipei] DSLR Stabilizer - Any places or links?

Dear all,

I did a search but fail to looking for info about where are the places or website links in Taipei so I can buy a DSLR Stabilizer like this

amazon.com/Opteka-Profession … stabilizer

Any info replies are appreciated.
Thank you!

If you’re in Taipei, there’s the camera street on 博愛路 (Bo’ai Rd.) just outside Taipei Main Station. There are literally dozens of shops selling photography equipment so I would be utterly amazed if they don’t have one of these there.

Alternatively, there are several listed at Yahoo! auctions TW:
tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/a … 2&ei=UTF-8

BTW, “stailizer” in Chinese is 穩定架 (wěn dìng jià).

Thank you so much!
I’ll give it a try.