Taipei (English Friendly) Cycling Clubs and Bike Shops (Maintenance)


Hi everyone, my company has an office in Taipei (Nangang) and I’m usually there a week a month, often enough that I’ve kept a road bike there.

I wanted to find some groups to bike with, but everything I searched for is in Mandarin, and I only speak English (starting to learn basic communications).

I also want to get some bike maintenance done - I have a race oriented bike so I’m pretty sensitive about its care. Would like a complete overhaul of the bike, including cabling, re-greasing of hubs and bottom bracket, etc.

Hoping for suggestions on both, thanks!


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I’m still trying to get past how to pronounce your name…:slight_smile:

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Haha, I’m learning it myself!


You can try looking on Facebook for Yang Ming Shan Cycling Club

We also have our own little group here on the forums

As for bike maintenance. I go to the Merida shop in Neihu. Let me know if you need help translating, the mechanic is a good guy, knows what he’s doing and a good friend of mine. I am there often and always like an excuse to go to the bike shop.

Complete overhaul of the bike is 1000NT which includes check-up and clean. If you want your BB greased and such, let the mechanic know and he’ll do it with fee included in the 1000NT. As for new brake/gear cables, he won’t charge for service, but parts only.

Depending on what kind of cables you use, you should walk away with a well oiled and maintenanced bike for 2000NT-ish.


How often do you maintain your bike?


I clean it myself probably once every 2 weeks. Depending on the conditions. If I ride through rain, I clean it immediately, mostly the drive train, as I don’t want anything to rust.

Sending it to the bike doctor? I try to go twice a year. Since I know the guy, one out of the two times, I request him to give it a nice clean and check up since I don’t really thoroughly clean as I say I do. Other times I tell him to take everything apart, clean, grease and check.


Do you clean it in the shower after riding in the rain lol.
I really miss just having a garage where you can wash your car/bike/build stuff.


I have a balcony so I wash it there. When I’m too lazy to wash it after I get home, I just drop by the bike shop on the way home.

Buy the guys a Coke and I borrow their tub/cleaners and wash it right there.


That’s great thanks! I’ll send a message on my next trip in about a month.