Taipei expat owned Bicycle Shop

It’s gonzo.

But he can order another no?

There’s a guy in Hsinchu selling a Bianchi Tiagara for 20k. If I could be bothered going to Hsinchu I’d buy it.

Careful, the Bianchi bike is not a Tiagra… the Tiagra part of that name refers to the Shimano Tiagra groupset, middle of the range (Sora, Tiagra, 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace in ascending order). The Bianchi is an unknown model, equipped with Tiagra gears and brakes.

Frames equipped with Tiagra are generally not high-end frames. Bianchi makes a wide range of frames at a wide range of price points, so don’t just grab it for the brand name.

Besides, most of them are that disgusting celeste green. Yech!

No I know that. But it’s a Bianchi for 20k with spd pedals. I can’t actually ride anymore except on the flat due to chronic shin splints. So it’s not worth me wasting money on anything decent. Tiagra’s decent enough for my purposes.

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Hey guys, if you have interest in canti-lever steel frames, I do sell and custom build frames from Veloci in a variety of colors.
Let me know if you like anything on their website, complete custom bikes start around 30k NTD. I also have a few old giant and american frames sitting around waiting for paint that are steel canti-lever in 26" and 700c. Come by the shop and poke around.

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I like your gif. Now, please try to convince me that this is an attractive colour for a bicycle. For ANYTHING, really.

I do like the Dawes and the Concorde and the Bianchi above. Very nice rebuilds!

I’d like to have a bike shop one day. I’ve got enough bikes to just start selling my own right away, but I can’t bear to part with any of them.

Oh, I build wheels too. 30 years of experience. need a subcontractor?

I think they came up with that color after that “What color do you see” test went viral. People who see gray love it; people who see teal hate it.

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You see grey, right?

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I see cyan and I like it.

I see non branded Corima wheels.

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I have a few steel frames waiting to built in my store currently. I thought I would try something different and let the customer pick the color they want their bike to be. These frames have been sand-blasted and sealed with primer. They all need a good home.
I have:
1994 Giant SUNDANCE 26" 54cm top tube, 46.5cm seat tube
1990’s Centurion 700c 56cm top tube, 50cm seat tube
1990 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 52cm top tube, 42cm seat tube

Every frame you see can be built up on low and high end budgets.