Taipei expat owned Bicycle Shop

I knew it when I typed it … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is how I read that post.

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Money for nothing and nipples for free. I want my MTB.


Glad we could help! We are just happy to get another bike back on the road.

Bought my bike secondhand on Facebook, fiber frame, ultegra group set done 3000k since buying. Only ever degreased lubed chain and any moving parts and ridden a lot in the rain.
Had become tired, shit brakes, lots of play in bearing sets, noisy clicking and creaking.
Took to Taipei bike works, they gave it a look over we decided what needed to be done, they kept in contact if they thought other jobs needed doing for discussion.
Done all the work quickly with no bother.
I now have a new bike :grinning: well feels like it.
They did a fantastic job trying to keep cost down.
Taipei bike works Rock!


Thank you very much for the review!

Another update:

We built up this wireless 12speed CAAD13 bicycle for a customer. We did a custom finish on his forks. Sprayed black with flames. We also were able to degrease their chain and dip it in wax to save some watts. :wink:

The customer also wanted a specially made bike rack for his home to display his bike. It is made out of stainless steel.

We not only do custom builds, but also high-end bike builds and any bike related requests. Hope you enjoy this update! I’d happy to answer any questions about this bike.


Stand is this one?

Yep that one. That company doesn’t sell it in Taiwan. Customer wanted one, we were able to make it in stainless steel in a brushed finish. We can make any style or shape in any material, doesn’t have to be that exact one.

More progress on customers’ bikes. We have a few gravel bikes making their way through the shop. As well as this Cannondale in for a respray and restoration.

We also now have an indoor trainer, come by for a test, a quick fit on your bike, or sweat it out during a rainy day! Haha.

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What do you all look for in a bike shop here in Taiwan? I’d like to know to help make the shop better for you. What items do you typically need in a pinch and what services do you think are lacking from shops here? Would love to hear your input!

Once travel is back on the cards I’ll bring drop my bike in for a full service.

The one thing I always feel is lacking in bike shops everywhere really is a lack of range in clothing (bibs, tops etc.) in terms of fit. Not visited your shop so no idea how much you have, and I appreciate it’s costly to hold large stocks, but anything helps.

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My local indie LBS seems to be a hangout spot for their group ride dudes. Back in the old country I remember being stoked about buying T-shirts with my favourite shop’s name and logo on them. Stickers from your shop could be a good one too.

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Not in a pinch, however bicycles in larger sizes seem to be something frequently asked for.



Not that I need them, though :frowning:

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I’ll add larger bicycle sizes at reasonable prices is a much sought after commodity. Some name brands tend to have bikes in larger sizes, but sometimes aren’t within budget. I remember helping a few Formosans with finding a 50,000NTD bike in size 56-60 and that was impossible to find, at least in Taipei.

There’s a lot of small local brands like Performer, Krex, Roxycle and maybe even Dizo that are able to provide bikes in these sizes at a reasonable price, but then you run into the re-sell value and the reputation of the brand.

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This is in the works, dont worry, we have some great ideas!

Yes we do very well with that. We sell Performer and second hand road bikes in these larger sizes. The bike is custom fit for you and you can pick out the color and components. It has been a very good value and experience for everyone. If you are a tall person, we can help you out. We also have access to some larger frame-sets ready to be built up from Veloci, Chiru, and Rikulau.