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Unfortunately you are right. I am still a very small shop and we do not stock shoes, helmets or cycling gear due the huge investment cost. Only accessories, parts, bikes and service. However, in most cases, we can match or get an even lower price for many things you see in other shops. It is in the plan to get some helmets and shoes soon, but there are shops nearby that can offer better experiences for that at this moment.

It has been raining a bunch lately. We have a bicycle smart trainer in shop available for rent now.

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I now carry most gravel tires, from Panaracer and Maxxis. I don’t think you will be able to find them anywhere else. They have good rolling resistance on pavement, and allow you to go off the beaten path or broken roads without worry. We have built up 4 gravel bikes this past month. Let me know if a “do-everything” bike works for you too. We have also been able to fill most requests for new bikes for people sized 180cm and taller.

We have been getting requests to update people’s old bikes. Here we went from fixed gear, to a 8-speed internal hub system.


Wow, that’s a BEAUTY. Only small complain: the front tube headset bearings case… other than that, very eye catchy.

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Thank you, yes, it will be used everyday out in the city. The customer didn’t care about the looks so much as how it functioned. A bit of rust on the cups is superficial. Matches the brown on the rest of the bike haha. It is so much fun to ride around on. Very quiet and smooth.

All these bikes really is making me think about buying a commuter with my year end bonus instead of new wheels for the race whip.

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@ttwan next time I visit taiwan I’ll be bringing my bike over. It needs a service anyway, but would you be willing to service it and build it back up post-flight? Usually something gets stripped when I break down my bike :rofl:

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Yes, that is no problem, we have built up many bikes post flight. We also do a safety check and minor tube up, should be a better bike than when you packed it. Haha.

How much does a ti frame run in Taiwan?

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Hello, there a few frames out there that range from 40,000-122,000NTD that I am able to source for you. If you want to know more, please come by the shop sometime or send us an email, Facebook message and we can discuss more.

I have some frames sitting around that need a good home, ready to be built up.

A small update on your favorite shop. Below are some cool bikes that come through the shop for service or been built by us. There was a frame swap after a crash. We now diagnose Di2 and AXS issues. We have fully taken off with wheel building. If you need a quality replacement rim or just a rebuild, let us know. There has yet to be a job we haven’t been able to accomplish. We love a challenge and will work on any type of bicycle.