Taipei Film Festival 2009

Either I didn’t search well, or the 2009 Taipei Film Festival has not been mentioned here yet:

This year the city Berlin (celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall), as well as young film makers in general, are the focus.

My personal recommendation is this Movie: “Run Lola Run / Lola Rennt” … &curPage=3
It’s a bit artsy, with the same story told 3 times, the only difference being in a timing of a few seconds - that can make so much of a difference. (If you don’t see anything after clicking that link, click “english” at top and then try going to the link again)

Another great one is “In July / Im Juli”: … &curPage=3

Or how about “Sun Alley / Sonnenallee”? … &curPage=4

Also this Austrian movie was recommended to me a lot:

“The Bone Man / Der Knochenmann” … &curPage=3