Taipei Fuhsing Private School - anything I should know?

Can anyone tell me anything about this school? If you work here, can you tell me your experience?

Are you asking about the work environment or sending your kids there?

It’s in “Teaching English in Taiwan”, so presumably the question is about teaching.

send me a PM.


The only thing might annoy me is parents that complain about everything.

I sent you a PM.

Hello! I’d also like to know more about teaching here. Can someone send me a message with some information please? I appreciate it!

Hi, I’ also interested to find out more about the teaching environment there. I would appreciate if you could drop me a PM if you have information. Thanks!

I’m looking into this school as well. If anyone had any experience or insight please share. Thanks you.

This school appears to have a high teacher turnover. Doesn’t exactly speak for its work environment.

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Why would you say that?

Based on how many people are asking about the school. Suggests that they frequently look for new teachers.

Four people in 2 years? You’re way off base.

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It was on our list of schools and we talked to a pair of teachers my wife knew who taught there and both were fairly positive.

I know its considered one of the more prestigious local private schools. Very demanding towards the students.

Is there a job posting somewhere for this school?

Any updates on this school would be appreciated. I have an interview set up with them (via Dewey).

I met a very pleasant teaching couple from the US in May during a competition at my school and they only said positive things about Fuhsing. The students were also very polite and I met some nice enthusiastic parents. The couple mentioned that all students aspire and apply to the US for university. I hope that helps.

I guess I’m a little late, you would have made a decision about the school by now, but if you’d like you can PM me for some info.