Taipei Gentlemen's Hockey (and Softball) Club

3 on 3 hockey is the fastest game in Taiwan. We play shinny every Tuesday night in XiMenDing at 9:45PM (10:15 during summer months). We also play full ice hockey (5 on 5) on Thursday nights at 11:00PM at Taipei Arena. The cost is about 500NT per session and spots are given to TGHC members first, then to anyone else if there is room on the bench. We also organize two seasons of hockey each year, a fall/winter 3 on 3 and a spring 5 on 5. We also host about 2 or 3 tournaments per year and are planning on attending other tournaments hosted all over Asia, from Bangkok to Harbin and from Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi, TGHC is quickly developing a reputation as the team to beat in Asia. Not bad for a bunch of Kindy Teachers and Restaurateurs. See our facebook page if you want to play or are interested in becoming a member (Members must buy jerseys).


To provide consistent men’s rec ice hockey in Taipei.

TGHC Membership Tenets:

  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Priority will be given to players with no other place to play ice hockey
  • Tuesdays (maximum of 16 players)
  • Thursdays (maximum of 20 players)
  • Lots of ice time on an equal ice time basis
  • Gentlemanly play
    • No long shifts
  • Three (3) strike system
    • Cancellation by SMS to the sub-master the day before (response required).
    • Seventy-five (3/4) attendance required
  • Open finances, non-profit

Facebook Page

Two-peat champs of Kaoihsiung 3 on 3 Tournament


The Gents are growing. We are taking the summer off from puck, but have transitioned into softball where we just won the lowest division there is.

We are sponsored by The Poutinerrie and Moosehead. We play almost every Sunday at Rainbow Park in NeiHu. We are always on the lookout for more players and hope to develop another team that can play in higher divisions.

We also host an epic annual golf tournament. By "epic’, I mean EPIC! We have been banned from 2 bus companies and 1 golf course because, well, we party pretty hard.

We especially enjoy players that have families as a lot of us have kids now and we host an annual X-Mas party, mostly for the kids.

All in all, this is a great social/sports group and we sincerely hope to see some of you join us for our festivities.

For more information and to stay current, join our facebook group (link above in OP) or PM me.

Oh, and we will be back on the ice in September 2019 on Thursday nights at 11 PM. We have partnered with a local club (ice is so hard to get at Taipei Arena) and space on the bench will be limited and given to our members first. Memberships get you discounts on ice times and other perks and sell for 1000NT annually.

Drop the Puck, Play Ball, FOOOUUUR!

A message from our Prez:

I hope everyone’s summer has been good.
Starting the first Thursday in September we have regular weekly skates from 11pm-12:15. We will be sharing the ice with Gary, Charlie and their group. The skate will start with a 20 min practice then the remaining time will be a scrimmage. We will alternare running the practice part of the skate each week. Whichever one of our members run the practice when it’s our turn will get to skate for free that week. The practice session usually consists of 2 free flowing drills.

The gents will have a maximum of 15 skaters and two goalie spots each week unless they are unable to fill their 11 skaters and 1 goalie spot. I will be in charge of the list so contact me via private message if you want to skate. Priority will be given to members who played in dazhi. Then members and finally non members.

Cost: $500 for members
$600 non members

Speaking of members- everyone’s membership has expired so please pay your membership fee of $1000 to me as soon as possible.

And for fans of the ball that is soft, we are setting up an exhibition game this weekend at Rainbow Park, Field E (Well south of main diamonds under the bridge).

This is America v Canada and should be some damn fine softball. Game will start at 3ish on Sunday August 18th. We welcome all spectators and we will have ice cold Mooseheads for sale.