Taipei gets world's largest Wi-Fi grid

From CNN: … index.html

Yeah, a new source for brain tumors and novel ways to hack into people’s computers.

no way… your blue buddies will make sure this is the most secure and best practice rollout anywhere in the world. how could anything go wrong with horse man leading the project?

What? are you a girl between the ages of 18-45 on Taiwan.

Me and horseman have issues since all the women in my target demographic have an idol photo of this guy.

Actually I agree with the article. Broadband is already available in most households, and there are enough internet cafes in Taipei.

Unless the Wifi network is for PDA and cellphones, I don’t see much of a demand for PC/laptop Wifi users in the city.

However, from a political and international recognition standpoint, it would go along way in making Taipei a leading technology city in Asia.

Stupid, with Wi-Max around the corner that can provide faster data rates and bigger coverage this looks like it’s going to be a white elephant. And what’s ‘T$’ anyway?

I have another thing to add -

Isn’t this old news? Weren’t they talking about this like 6 months ago?

its from a CNN article dated 22/11/04. dont shoot the messenger.

I guess i’d agree with all the nay-sayers here - it’ll probably be a flop. But it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It seems to be a private company doing all the investment rather than my hard-earned tax dollars being flushed down the drain, so it’s no disaster if it fails (unless you’re a stockholder).

I think the thing they’ll need to get right is to make sure it’s easy to subscribe; they’re talking about a monthly fee, but I’d only subscribe on impulse (sitting in DaAn park on a sunny afternoon, and suddenly get a desire to post to forumosa). Unfortunately, this is exactly the sort of thing I’d expect a stereotypical Taiwanese company to get horribly wrong. [Contract signed in triplicate, guaranteed by your bank manager, 6 months fee in advance]

As for WiMax, I’m unconvinced that it isn’t a load of hot air (the best description I’ve heard is that it’s “another Zero Billion Dollar industry”). WiFi’s here, mature and usable. Of course, WiFi will evolve to make any infrastructure installed today dated - but that’s the tech industry for you …

Of course, if you’re really interested in mobile access then Taiwan’s GPRS is now pretty good. You won’t get the bandwidth of 802.11, but it’s got very good coverage nowadays (if you’re at the top of Yushan you’ll have trouble connecting, but apart from that you should be fine). Fine for internet radio, email and slow web access.