Taipei/Hengchun Flights

Flights will start on 3 July between Songshan and Hengchun. At least one flight per day both directions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 20-25 minutes. Still looking for more detailed information.

For me that means I can leave house in Taipei and be on the beach in Kenting in about two hours. Which I guess is kind of okay but add two more hours I could be on the beach in Boracay.


Hengchun is in Pingtung County, right? 25 minutes to Pingtung? Not bad. How much?

I mean, you can go to Boracay…when international flights reopen. So might as well go to Almost-Philippines County right now as that’s as far as anyone is going.

Another Tango42 Topic saved! This joke will never die!

It’s a great way to get to Kending, but a lot of flights get diverted because of wind.

Nice to have the flights back. I’ll be looking at flying down on Sunday and back on Friday as a possible summer vacation.


Apparently it was used by Uni Air in the past, but flights ceased due to the Schedules being interrupted by strong winds very often.

Edit - as BD said, windy place it seems.


I think it’s the only airport I haven’t flown out of . Interesting.

I remember taking the now wife there in a propeller airplane when we were dating. It was quite romantic.

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20-25 min? Good to see the Concordes are coming back into service.


The wife or the propeller airplane?

Wife doesn’t do romance.

The whole experience was romantic. Songshan airport has a bit of a 1950s feel. It’s how I’d imagine Brief Encounter would be if I’d ever watched it. Or perhaps that movie with the piano in Morocco.


Used to be. Now it’s quite plush and comfortable.
My favourite airports have been Taidong (tropical ), Green Island ( basically a runway) and Chiayi (feel like a spy entering a military base).
Taichung has the longest runway it could take you as long to taxi around it as fly to it. Quality of passengers is also lowest on Taichung China route but handy for Penghu :sunglasses:.


Flying from Taidong to Green Island is supposed to be quite an experience.

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It sure is. You can see the pilots pulling back on the throttle as you sit behind them, it’s a tiny plane that revs down the runway , up and down in a jiffy.


My mate said when they land the pilots turn around and gives a thumbs up.



One hour.

What are the 25 minute flights? That doesn’t make sense.

Yeah sometimes you land right side up and sometimes upside down I hear

Never flew into CCK airbase in Taichung
Back in the day China airlines ran songshan to Taichung shui nan airport with two very
Old YS 11 they got from japan

Quickly crashed one while attempting to land at songshan and used the other for this route
Always scared the shit out of me but my boss loved to fly it

He flew P51 with the Flying Tigers in China
No Shit and got shot down and lived so he wasn’t scared but I was

That airport was like a low end car rental
Small round building
You got out of the cab and onto the plane only a min walk to the tarmac

Kinda cool

Butt hole clincher of a plane though
It sways side to side when flying and the AC only worked in the air

Had rolls Royce prop engines though

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What’s the airline for these flights? Just tried googling, and checking the websites of Uni Airways and Mandarin Airlines, but couldn’t find anything.

U fly ?

We already had U land airlines