Taipei Hostel -- Good or Not?

My wife and I are arriving in Taipei mid-June and we’re wondering if anyone has first hand experience with Taipei Hostel?? We’ve checked it out online and it looks ok, but we would like to know if anyone has stayed with them before. Are there any other good hostels in Taipei? We are not new to Taiwan, but we are new to living in Taipei. We will prob. only stay in a hostel until we find our own apartment. If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! email:

I didn’t like Taipei Hostel. It definately looks much fancier on photos than in real. Don’t know what your expectations are, but I was rather disappointed.

I even liked Formosa Hostel more (you can google it), even though it looks worse on the photos. I’m actually quite sure there are better places than these two in Taipei.

You can also use Forumosa search to find more information about hostels in Taipei. Sorry, I’m too lazy to do it for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

dear cdnmagic,

last year i stayed at the fortuna hostel. it is near taipower building station on the mrt. it was very clean and comfortable. there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom. it was very nice. i paid us$13 per night for a private room. i stayed there for 3 weeks and enjoyed it. the owner is very nice.

this year i stayed at the happy family 2 hostel. it is 2 blocks from taipei main station. it was a bit dirtier, but livable. there was not a kitchen, but had a bathroom on everyfloor and a tv room, and internet service. the owner was very nice. the rates were unbelievable. i paid us$10 per night. i was there for 4 weeks. the location is very convenient.

there is also the ymca and the iyh near taipei main station too, although i have not stayed at these two.

enjoy taipei. i miss it already.


There’s a pretty good list of hostels in Taipei (with links) on this page:

Thanks for all the info. The feedback has helped alot.